Teach Children About Money

One of Our Greatest Responsibilities As a Parent is to Teach our Children About The Value Of Money

By teaching your children to save & spend money wisely you will be preparing them for the future (no matter what is happening in current world markets) - and ensure that they ultimately become financially secure


From the desk of Rob Willis

Monday, 9:06 a.m.

Good  Friend,

Although my father is an accountant, as I was growing up I was never taught the first thing about money. I often heard those familiar words: “Money doesn’t grow on trees” or “I’m not, made of money".

It's funny how as parents, we don't generally think to teach our children one of the most important lessons in life, which is to givie our children a financial education.

Is it that we don't quite understand ourselves, or is it one of those taboo subjects like the dreaded "sex" talk?

For one reason or another it rarely crosses our minds to talk to our children about the value of money. Perhaps we think it is a subject they will get taught at school.

On that note, do you really want a teacher who is struggling financially themselves to be teaching your children about money?

I Wish My Parent's Taught me About Money.

As I stated earlier, my father is an accountant. Now as much as I love and respect my father, I very much wish he had a greater interest in my financial education as I was growing up. To be honest I never had any real guidance at home when it came to finances

That said, we did have some unique opportunities to earn money through one of my father’s clients, so we often were able to earn a hundred dollars within a single week. Unfortunately, we just as quickly spent most of it. You could say We had more dollars than sense.

By the time I was 18, I had managed to get myself into about $10,000 in debt, with basically nothing to show for it. Like so many others I got caught in the credit card trap, spending most of my money on pleasures, such as the movies, or dinner at a fancy restaurant. I honestly had no idea about the value of money.

How I Slowly Turned My Life Around

It wasn’t until I started going out with the girl who is now my wife, that I was able to dig myself out of my debt. And in the process learn many lessons about money and goal setting.

It took me a few years, but I managed to get myself back on track, and to a point where I could start looking forward to a positive future. To dig myself out of the mire I was in, I had to learn such skills as goal setting, intelligent spending & delayed gratification.

It was during this time that I became determined not only to never return to that path, but to also be actively involved with my own children’s financial upbringing (when I eventually had kids).

Another Revelation

A few years later, I had the unfortunate experience of losing my mother to cancer. Now I had not seen my mother for a number of years as she lived halfway across the country.

The day I was due to fly up to see her and to say my final goodbyes, I go a phone call to say that she had passed away early that morning.

I decided I would still make the trip (about a 3 hour flight) and help a couple of my brothers take care of the final arrangements. Part of this was to box up what remained of her possesions.

I was shocked to see the poverty my mother died in. The place was a dump! It stank of smoke & looked as though the place had been taken over by drug addicts or something.

You could say it was a turning point in my life. I knew I would never want to end up like that myself, but also I had to also make sure that my children understood what could happen if they neglected their financial education.

When I got back home, I came across the book “Rich Dad, Poor Dad” by Robert Kiyosaki. This was the first step to putting myself on the path to a solid financial education

Moving Forward

Since that time I have studied many financial books & concepts, most of which are targeted at "Getting Rich" either through the Share Markets, Property or Business. But very few of them simply discuss the importance and value of money, especially in ways that my kids could understand.

Having three children of my own, I wanted to be able to help them to understand the value of money, without getting bogged down in ways to make money.

I personally believe it is far more important for them to understand the value of money, than it is for them to learn ways to earn it. Because if they start earning it before they value it, they will simply waste it.

This can be seen in many adults, who win the lottery & then within a couple of short years they have lost it all. (And quite often, worse off than before they won the money).

Through years of research & personal experience, I have been able to not only teach my own children about money, but I have also made it fun for them along the way, which as you know is the best way for children to learn.

Maurizio Gianatti

Yvonne Yeo

Vidhya Raghavan

Every Child is Different

As a parent who has three children, I have found their mindset's aout money to be completely different.

My oldest son's attitude towards money is, "I have got $10. What can I buy?", while the younger two would think "I have got $10. Now if I buy that toy for $7, I will only have $3 left..."

By teaching my children the value of money, through a series of easy steps & activities, such as goal setting, & a few real life scenarios, I have managed to help them adjust their mindset's in regards to money.

Using the experiances and lessons I have learnt from teaching my own children, I have compiled these concepts into a simple and easy to understand plan for Teaching Children About Money that you can also use to help your children take charge of their financial destiny.

Now available to you in an illustrated e-Book format:

"Teaching Children About Money"

 Teach Children Money

If you want to save your own children from much of the heartache that so many other people go through daily, and obliterate wasteful spending from their lives forever, then you need to know how your kids can benefit from the techniques you'll learn in this e-book.

Within the pages of this ebook you will begin to understand how you can also give your children the right financial foundations and give then a healthy understanding about the vlaue of money, which will in turn help them to become financially secure in the future.

Understanding basic money concepts is the first step to children being able to really understanding the building blocks for their financial future. 

Children often have a hard time .........

  • Learning to Identify Money. - Understand the difference between the different types of coins & notes.
  • Learning to Count Money - Most young children don't understand that sometime more equals less.
  • Learning to Make Change - Teach them if they spend some money they will only have so much left.


 Children don't know the differences between cost and value which is the fundamental starting point for them being able to make their own purchases

Children should be taught....

  • The difference between a Sale and a Bargain - Just because something is on sale it doesn't mean it is good value for money.
  • What is a Bargain? - A sale item is only really a bargain if you need it. It is pointless buying something you don't have a need for just because it is on sale.
  • Identify true Bargains - Take your children shopping with you & spend time talking to them about what is on sale.
  • Necessities vs. Luxuries - Often your child's definition of a necessity is very different to our own.


Most Children As Well As Many Adult's Do Not Understand That It Is Often Better To Give Than It Is To Receive.

A rather difficult lesson for kids is Giving & Sharing. Teach them to...

  • Help Others in Need - We should be taught from a young age to share our good fortunes, be it our money or our time.
  • The Concept of Tithing - Giving back to your Community, Charity or to God.
  • Disaster Relief - Even the smallest contribution goes a long way to helping others.

In addition you can:

  • Share fun activities with your children that you both can learn from.
  • Give your children a sound financial mindset to help them later in life.
  • Perhaps be reminded of certain key concepts which can help improve your own financial mindset.

Imagine your parental pride, when your children start making sound financial decisions because of what you have been able to teach them using the principles found throughout this book.

In fact, I will go as far as saying your heart will fill with pride, when your kids come to you and tell you that they now have so much money accumulating in their bank account, or they have enough money to buy something that they have only ever dreamed of, and still have money left in the bank.

I must say, that my oldest son has managed to buy his own car and is now planning a trip to England, without dipping into his savings because of the financial plans that we have put in place. I am so proud of him!

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That's about as fair as it gets, don't you agree?

"Ensure your Child's Financial Future with in the next five minutes..."

The choice is yours: If you are serious about helping your children to learn about money & give them a solid financial footing for the rest of their lives, (and I can only assume that you do or else you would not have read this far), Then you need to act now.

Your child will only benefit from these financial principles if you act and purchase a copy today.

For this reason, I was originally going to sell this eBook for $37, but considering the importance of the information, I wanted to make it affordable to everyone. As such I am offering you this eBook today for only $17 plus you will get all of the bonuses for FREE.

So take action immediately and set your children on the path to Financial Security!

But remember...

... the longer you wait, the less likely it is that you will take action.

So let's get started.

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To your success,

Rob Willis

PS. Imagine being able to help your children understand the value of money & achieve their financial dreams.

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